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Recently, we had the pleasure of visiting with family in Brooklyn, New York. While not as mobile as he used to be, Mike Getz is still getting around. He recently gave me a list of some of his roles in some short films, most of which were with aspiring directors from New York University. A few of them are listed below:

The Anniversary

When You Close Your Eyes – Grandfather

The Writer – Writer

The Artist


There are a few others on the list that I was not able to find. Please let me know if you have these clips:

    • “Lowenstein’s a Terrrorist” – Eric Siegelstein
    • “Hush” – Fernando Cordero
    • “The Other World” – Rohit Sonak
    • “Dangerous Hospital Episode 4 Part 1 and 2”
    • “Silent Library Season 2 Episode 5”

Mike’s work is listed on IMDb


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