About theleungs.org

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The Leungs are a Military Family, moving every two to three years. This site is intended to keep our friends and family informed on where we are, and what we are doing. You can contact Victor or Stephanie by emailing us at theleungs.org

As this site uses web logging (weblog) software, entries are posted by date, the most recent on top. You can also browse by the categories listed on the right side. Again, these will be listed chronologically with the most recent post on top.

I am continuing to change the format, as long as it allows for quick posting of entries.

Contact Us
We don’t list our email address on this site in order to prevent spam. If you are reading this site, you probably already know our email address. For friends and family who have forgot it, you can try my or stephanies first name followed by theleungs.org All lowercase please.