Who is Agent Carl Cooper?

We recently received the above phone message, several times, from an “Agent Carl Cooper.” The Caller ID displayed “unavailable” but he left a phone number for us to dial. We did not call the number, but I thought it was amusing as it reminded me of the Nigerian Bank scam from several years back, except with a more sinister tone. I don’t recommend calling his number unless your caller ID is blocked. My understanding is that they have been threatening folks deportation unless they transfer $$ on a prepaid card. More info is at the Better Business Bureau. If you don’t want to receive these types of message, you can block unavailable numbers from ringing at your phone through your phone company. These were some simple settings that I corrected online. It took me several tries to get the transcription as Agent Cooper has a pretty thick accent.

The very second you receive this message, I’ll need you or your retained attorney of record to return the call. [garbled] is extremely time sensitive. My name is agent Carl Cooper and we have [garbled] division desk (202) 241- 0280. I repeat, (202) 241-0280. While if you don’t return the call, or if I don’t hear from your attorney either, the only thing I can do is, wish you a good luck as the situation unfolds from you. Again, this message is for you and this is agent Carl Cooper calling you from Internal Revenue Service Corp. Thank you, God bless you.

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