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Pick Six!

A little fun for the weekend as Tim gets to run back the ball for six! He had two interceptions for that game, the first clip is in the first half and the second is for the touchdown.

Note the excitement from the coach on the sideline along the bottom of the screen during the touchdown. I sure wouldn’t want to be number 87!

Winter Sports – Red Helmet Edition

[Updated 2/12/17] They finally ended the Fierce Nation this weekend with the South County JV taking on the Robinson Rams JV for third place. It was a great, but freezing, winter season and the boys were able to understand the increased speed of the high school game. The new clip from today’s game starts at 2:13. Red Helmet was playing long stick mid-field!

Now that he is in high school, Timothy’s winter lacrosse work-outs are across the street. Along with the normal  team practices, he is also in the Fierce Nation league with his high school team that plays outdoors during the winter season. No more indoor leagues for him!

He continues  his  workouts and practices with the South County High School football team. So he is staying very busy during the winter months!

The End of Summer Break

We have had a busy summer in the Leung Household. Samantha graduated from South County High School in June and shortly thereafter, we drove Timothy and Nicole up to Pennsylvania to attend Camp Harlam for three weeks. In the mean time, we had the good fortune of hosting our west coast cousins, the Stearmans, for a few days before heading down to Florida for the University of Florida Preview Orientation for two days. We did see Stephanie’s name up on the wall at ROTC as well as a few of her classmates!

Nicole had surgery for her shoulder and is still recovering but hopefully back to dance in the fall.

Timothy started up football again and is having a blast. I’ve included a few clips from their first scrimmage. Timothy is wearing #51 and good friend Alex is #40. August has had great weather so far, but they actually played in pouring rain today. Timothy played offensive right guard and middle linebacker.

Samantha is safely ensconced in her UF dorm room and is looking forward to starting a new life in Florida! Her new roommate, Debbi,  is awesome and we learned a new term, “creeping on” from her.

Tim’s first TD

Tim's first Touchdown
The Colts played the second Grizzlies Central division team and came out on top 13-7. It was a pretty warm day with temps in the upper 80’s / lower 90’s.  Tim scored  one of the two TD’s and got to kick-off three times. One of the kick’s was recovered by the Colts to maintain possession of the ball. Click on the picture to see a few other pics of the game. I will post the video if it becomes available. Many thanks to Mary Ann Alderton who provided the photo’s.

Colts vs. Grizzlies

It was another tough day for the Colts who ground out a 2-0 win over the Gainsville-Haymarket Grizzlies. The only score of the game came in the third quarter as the Grizzlies stopped the Colts from scoring on a a fourth and goal (yards). After the Grizzlies took over on downs at the one yard line, the Colts were able to sack the runner in the end zone for the safety. As Coach Saldivar had said, “we”ll take the win.” There were a number of penalties (at least five) on the Colt’s offense during this game, so I will predict that there will be a lot of sprints at this coming monday’s practice. Congratulations Colts on a tough win!