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What does my daughter like to do in her “free” time?


Nicole is at the studio five to six times a week. So what does she do in her free time? More dance! The song is “Elements” by Lindsey Sterling. Choreography and video by Nicole with help from iPod and the Video Star app. She is with the Metropolitan School of the Arts.

The second song is “Human” by Christina Perri.


If you can’t see the video on youtube, try the following link: Free Time
and for the second video: Nicole_Dance_ 2 The video’s may take some time to load.

Merry Christmas!

Nicole has been performing a lot this holiday season. She is performing in the annual Santa’s Frosty Follies (click the link for the video) as well as part of the Metropolitan Youth Tap Ensemble (MYTE). The clip above is from their performance at West Springfield High School to Pentatonix “Carol of the Bells”. The sound is impressive when listening to the performance live as the tap is much more powerful.

The life of a Dancer

NYC and Beauty 061.JPG

For part of the winter and most of the spring, Nicole has been actively involved in a local dance studio production based on a popular Disney movie. This involved regular rehearsals throughout the school year and intense rehearsals near the end of the year just before the productions. These rehearsals where usually about four hours on a Friday Evening followed by all day rehearsals on both Saturday and Sunday. Nicole will tell you it was well worth the effort as she learned a lot from the professionals running the show. You can see a series of cast pictures from all the parts that Nicole danced in this production by clicking the picture.


dance rehearsal

Nicole will be participating in Beauty and the Beast later this month. What this means is that she has a signifigant number of rehearsals until then. She had a five hour rehearsal yesterday and seven hour one today! This does not include the one hour dance class this morning. We are looking forward to finally seeing the results of all this hard work.