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College Visit

As Timothy is now a high school junior (Class of 2020), we recently had the opportunity to combine a fall lacrosse clinic with his first campus visit. While we have had many college lacrosse camps and clinics over the year, this is the first one in the Northeast, specifically, Boston, MA. We have contacts in this area and did not realize how many colleges are located in this city, so we will probably need another week to tour the town.

Our next strategy will be to visit another campus in the mid-west, followed by some local schools here in the mid-Atlantic. This should at least give us a flavor of the different types, sizes, and opportunities available from these schools.

UDATE: What school do you like?


Update: Adding Syracuse University! So Samantha has been accepted to five four Universities. Have you noticed that all but one are in the state of our residence? We are not sure which one she will choose but are exploring options with regards to financial and other factors. We will need to make that decision by the end of April. What is your favorite school?

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