…and it’s Lacrosse Weekend! [Update}

***Just added two more clips from the final game of the season against York Town High School. Close but fun game. The clips are at 2:26. ***

The season is coming to an end and South County had two games over two days. The first was at West Potomac with a numerical victory. The second was at home during the second half of the tournament against Robinson. It was a much more challenging game then the previous day and there was a lot of skill displayed on both sides. The JV team was able to pull out a win in the second half and the offense started to come together nicely. The final game is coming up on this Tuesday against Yorktown High School in Arlington.

How fun is Lacrosse?

While he spent some time in the penalty box, the Tim-man had a great game stealing balls against Chantilly during the South County Lacrosse Tournament. The final score was a 7-7 draw. Look for number ten (10) in white.

Despite the cold and rain, Timothy got to use a lot of his skills during this game and showed a lot of energy and hustle.

The cameraman needs a bit of training as he missed a few plays and was not