Winter Sports – Red Helmet Edition

[Updated 2/12/17] They finally ended the Fierce Nation this weekend with the South County JV taking on the Robinson Rams JV for third place. It was a great, but freezing, winter season and the boys were able to understand the increased speed of the high school game. The new clip from today’s game starts at 2:13. Red Helmet was playing long stick mid-field!

Now that he is in high school, Timothy’s winter lacrosse work-outs are across the street. Along with the normal  team practices, he is also in the Fierce Nation league with his high school team that plays outdoors during the winter season. No more indoor leagues for him!

He continues  his  workouts and practices with the South County High School football team. So he is staying very busy during the winter months!

Hawaii List

Makapu Lighthouse

Here are the items that Samantha recommends:

  • Dole Pineapple Plantation – ice cream
Red Velvet Pancakes
Red Velvet Pancakes
  • Cinnamons Restaurant – Downtown (Red Velvet pancakes)
  • Koko head hike
  • Food trucks, North Shore – Giovanni’s Shrimp truck
  • Sky Diving, North Shore – Second building
  • Sea Life Park – Dolphins, etc.
  • China Man’s Hat Island
  • Sushi Spot
Pillbox Hike at Sunrise on above Kailua Beach
Pillbox Hike at Sunrise on above Kailua Beach
  • Pill box hike
  • Kona Brewery
  • Makapu’u Point Lighthouse

From Victor’s list

  • Hanauma Bay, Toilet Bowl
  • Roy’s restaurant
  • Aloha Bowl for flea market
  • Waikiki Beach
  • Mountain Hike
  • Ford Island, USS Arizona
  • Diamond Head
  • Portugese Sausage
  • Family Photo, new masthead for

From Nicole’s list

  • Manoa Falls
  • Lulumahu FallsLulumahua Falls
  • Kania Kapupu Ruins
  • Lakiki Falls

USNA Graduation 2016

I was honored to attend the graduation of Nathan Kwon from the United Stated Naval Academy, Class of 2016 and witness his commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps. I am proud to have known this accomplished young man and to watch him grow up in a dedicated military family, having served in many countries throughout the world. In fact, I believe he has spent more time overseas than in the United States prior to his appointment to the Naval Academy.
As expected, Nathan has chosen the difficult path by joining the Marines. Having many friends and colleagues that served in the Marines, I am confident that the Marine Corps will instill the moral and ethical decision making skills required in the situations he will face during his career.
Nathan, the Leung family will keep the faith with you, your family, and your new Marine Corps family. May G-d bless you and keep in safety. We thank you for your service and the additional sacrifices you will make for our country. May you continue to bring honor to our country and your family. We wish you the best of luck as you earn the title of United States Marine!
As the Commandant of the Marine Corps concluded in his commissioning of your class, “Let’s do this!”
More pictures are here.
…and of course, the Blue Angels below:
Go Navy!

Tim’s Highlight Reel

In recent conversations, we were told that it would be helpful to have a highlight reel showcasing Timothy’s lacrosse skills. The above video is my first attempt and is a little rough. We will need to replace the cameraman with someone that has a little more skill at keeping the camera steady. It will improve as we determine what we need to film. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of games remaining in the season until next year.

Where have these shoes been?


This is my second pair of shoes since taking up running a few years ago. So far, I have about 360 miles on them from March of 2015. They have helped me enjoy the following:

Gainesville, FL (Thanks Samantha!)
Atlanta, GA (Thanks Schulman’s!)
Panama City, FL
Washington, DC
Manama, Bahrain
Norfolk, VA
Lorton, VA
Orlando, FL
Hilton Head, SC
Antioch, CA (Thanks Yeh-Yeh!)
Lynchburg, VA (Thanks Wood’s!)
Whitehouse, NJ (Thanks Walton’s!)